Saturday, February 6, 2010

After watching Project Learning: An Overview the main thing that stuck out in my mind is how teachers try to fit every student into the same "mold." We expect all students to succeed at "reading, writing, and arithmetic" but our brains are not all wired the same. Yes, i definitely think each student should be exposed to the main subjects taught in school, but the reason why we "lose" so many students throughout the years either due to alternative schools or juvenile detention centers is because they get bored. Nowadays it's sad because too many teachers don't let kids find what interests them. I loved the part of the video where it showed the Hawaii Exploration Academy and the young girl said being out in the real world and learning is so much more effective than reading a textbook sitting in a room listening to a teacher lecture. Too often teachers forget that students' attention spans are miniscule- you've got to keep them interested. I have noticed that nowadays school trips are limited which cuts back on the experiences for the child. My fondest school memories were field trips.

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