Thursday, January 28, 2010

3rd week of T4T

Im starting to become very overwhelmed in this class- i guess i have always been hesitant using more "technology"- even though i am so young i still prefer pencil and paper- the old school way! ;) but i realize that pencil and paper is not going to grab my future students' attention- especially in my field (special education)- many students are not physically able to write, so they need a smart board or some other type of device that "speaks" for them. I think in order for me to be successful in this course is for me to "break down" the assignments so i dont get too overwhelmed with a whole list at once ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reflection- Cameron

The technology video we watched over Cameron was incredible- it made me realize that if i don't start learning more about technology then i'm going to be behind my future students some day! of course i know i'm not going to have all of the answers to all of their questions, but i sure do not want to be so behind on technology that i can't help them. I guess the best way to learn is to just jump in there and through trial and error i will learn.

T4T 1st Day - Introduction

I'm Kylee Woodard and i have grown up in Mustang, OK (long and expensive drive to Edmond 4 days a week! ;) My husband and i just purchased our first home last month and it's been so exciting...this may sound silly but my next big goal is to purchase a female dogue de bordeaux puppy- we hope to have her by May! ;) I am a Junior here at UCO and my major is Special Education. I hope to work with special needs high school students. It's been a "long road" it seems like because i started taking college classes my Junior year of high school- and the special education department here takes awhile to complete because a majority of the classes are only offered one time per year. Hopefully a year and a half and i will be a graduate! ;)